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Rohit Malhotra
Mar 22, 2021
In General
Welcome to Learn In Shelter's Forum specifically created for tutors. Here people can post discussions, concerns, and material regarding tutoring other students. When it comes to tutoring, the community of student tutors at Learn In Shelter can serve as great resources. Guidelines Use appropriate language Be respectful to other members part of the community Don't be afraid to discuss any questions or topics Website Features (MUST READ) Active Tutors Log Volunteer Hours - Log your hours using the form for every tutoring session by the end of the week (Sundays) Tutor Resources - A guide to creating an account and submitting hours when working with Learn In Shelter Forum - Use to interact with the entire Learn In Shelter community Members - Follow other member part of this website over here Profile - This page is for you to customize. Upload your personal image, fill in your contact information/bio section. Other members can see this information. Chat - Every member part of this website has a chat on the bottom right. Feel free to text any tutors or admins part of this organization. Furthermore, you can create groups for sharing tutoring materials and interacting. Site Admins The following people are members of this site and will act as Admins. Feel free to text with them using the "members chat" in this site as well.
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Rohit Malhotra

Rohit Malhotra


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